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Almatec is the most advanced product discovered by the IMPRONTA CERAMICHE research department.
Thanks to this innovative technology, stone, marble, natural and innovative materials can be faithfully reproduced providing products with large formats and prestigious aesthetic-technological specifi cations.

In perfect harmony with contemporary living requirements and modern city design.

Gres Porcellanato Tutta Massa

IMPRONTA CERAMICA coloured body porcelain stoneware features signifi cant technical specifi cations, which allow it to be used on surfaces where footfall is intense.

The raw materials used in the production process are selected by our internal research laboratory and are extracted from clay quarries all over Europe to create a vast product range that conjugates top technical performance and excellent aesthetic content.

Monocottura in Pasta Bianca , Le Porcellane

White body tiles reproduce precious materials being brilliant and transparent; also available in the customised formats and the classical and modern collections, offering an infi nite number of possible compositions.

The interior design solutions offered by IMPRONTA CERAMICHE are for those who prefer a top quality tile, customised and refi ned right down to the smallest detail.

Gres Porcellanato Smaltato

The glazed coloured body porcelain stoneware is achieved by applying a layer of surface glaze to the pressed clay support before fi ring, together with decorations created using reciprocating and non-repetitive computerised machines.

These sophisticated glazing techniques provide beautiful products, whether classical or the latest trend, especially suitable for use in residential and light commercial applications.

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Concept for Living februarie 2010

Idei Stralucite
Bucatarii multifunctionale
Combinatia texturilor si a culorilor
Modele de canapele
Masute de cafea
Noi concepte de design

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Architectural Record 09/2003

Architectural Record September 2003
Interiors: Design Outside the Box
  • SCalatrava joins WTC team
  • Wright's plans for Bagdad explored
  • Set Pieces
      Theater, opera and dance may not be built to last, but architects are designing them to be astonishing and memorable
Building Types Study
  • Record Interiors: Introduction
  • Shoebaloo, the Netherlands
      - Meyer en van Schooten
      - A 19th-century building gets a luminously futuristic shoe shop
  • Bohen Foundation, New york City
      - LOT/EK
      - Retrofitted shipping containers make for a reinvented are gallery.
  • Restaurante Les Cols, Spain
      - RCR Arquitectos
      - Steel is the key ingredient in a daringly design restaurant.
  • Carlos Miele Flagship Store, New York City
      - Sculptural forms meet Brazilian culture in a New York City shop.
  • Duane Street Loft, New York City
      - Marpillero Pollak Architects
      - A loft goes from dark and narrow to open and filled with light.
  • COop Editorial, Santa Monica, California
      - Pugh + Scarpa
      - A video-editing house gets rooms as freestanding objects
Digital Practice
  • At long last, hospitals are going high-tech
      - Innovations are changing how health care is delivered--and how hospital are designed
  • Digital Architect
      - WESKetch Architecture
      - Digital products

Download: PDF, 152 pages (adv min), 61,5Mb

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Carles Broto, Domestic Interiors

Carles Broto, Domestic Interiors, home designs - Architectural DesignInstituto Monsa Publishing ISBN: 848642660X 1997 PDF 236 pages 45.6 MbGrandes ejemplos de diseño de interiores en diversas partes del mundo y sus autores, ideas generales y detalles.Great examples of interior design in various parts of the world and its authors, ideas and general information.Download:

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Stabilirea materialului din care urmează să se execute tâmplăria la o casă, apartament, magazin sau sediu de firmă, constituie pentru mulţi clienţi o dilemă.
Clientul primeşte sfaturi de la arhitecţi, constructori, vecini sau chiar producători de tâmplărie care nu întotdeauna sunt suficienţi de avizaţi. Pe de altă parte, unele sfaturi au în "spatele" lor diverse interese care pot induce în eroare clientul.
Pe lângă o serie de cerinţe tehnice, cum ar fi rezistenţa la vânt, siguranţa omului sau diverse norme de proiectare şi execuţie, tâmplăria trebuie să îndeplinescă o serie de cerinţe care privesc uşurinţa utilizării, întreţinerea ulterioară şi eventualele probleme legate de exploatarea în timp.Trebuie să precizez că aproape orice tâmplărie poate fi realizată din oricare din materialele: PVC, aluminiu sau lemn stratificat şi, la început, clientul poate fi mulţumit...

Un articol interesant in alegerea tamplariei. mai multe la acest link: